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Legacy of a Country Club

Tamarisk Country Club recently celebrated its 50th anniversary and wanted a book that exemplified the growth, excitement and celebrity that the members saw during the Club’s first half century.
The first Jewish country club in the Palm Springs area, Tamarisk provided us with final copy and a stack of classic photos filled with a who’s who of personalities including the Marx Brothers, President Eisenhower, Bing Crosby, Dean Martin, Kirk Douglas, Frank Sinatra, Jack Benny, President Ford, Bob Hope and Jacky Gleason.

The anniversary book received a glowing reception at the Club’s 50th Anniversary Celebration.

Tamarisk: The First 50 Years

  • paperback
  • Published in 2002
  • 8"x10.5"
  • 84 pages
  • ISBN 0-9713804-2-2
  • Initial run of 250 copies published in 2002

Services provided by Creative Continuum
  • Photo scanning and retouching
  • Compelling design and typography
  • Cover design from supplied images