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Over the past months, while researching our ancestry, I have felt that I have traveled back in time to another place. At times it felt like I knew them and was there with them. Our ancestors were the pioneers of Canada. They left France for many reasons and traveled to a world totally foreign to them. They were brides, farmers, voyagers, soldiers, explorers, and adventurers. They fought hard winters, hard times and much adversity. They fought Indians and a few married Indians. They were massacred, deported from their country and taken prisoner.
These were a strong brave people and they somehow managed to survive against many odds. It’s easy to forget that it took a lot of ancestors—a lot of lives lived—to bring us to what and who we are today. I am proud to be descended from them and I hope the future generations will look back and feel the same about us.

Trudeau Family History

  • library edition hardback with gloss printed cover
  • Published in 2008
  • 6"x9"
  • 70 pages
  • Initial run of 50 copies published in 2008

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  • Full-color hardback cover with imitation leather spine
  • Compelling design and typography
  • Printing and bindery services