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Family health history for preschoolers.

Family health history can be the proactive branch of genealogy and offers an intriguing look at your past... and your future. James comes to understand his grandma’s cancer, the treatment and ways to ensure a healthier future for himself and his brothers and sisters.
This is a truly wonderful, easy to read and educational book to share with every child on your gift list.

The Adventures of James: A Trip to the Oncologist

  • paperback
  • Published in 2006
  • 5.5"x4.75"
  • 42 pages
  • ISBN 1-932252-70-3
  • Initial run of 100 copies published in 2006

Services provided by Creative Continuum
  • Cover design and illustration from Creative Continuum-supplied concepts
  • Editing and assistive ghostwriting
  • Full-color short-run printing
  • Printing and bindery services
  • Full-color cover