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His Father’s Legacy: worth sharing

Does the world really need another book about a citizen of the Greatest Generation? Perhaps not, but the world could use a few more Sherald Heneghans. He was an officer and a gentleman, who happened to be a terrific father. Some will say that he built a great life from very humble and meager beginnings, although that would not be totally accurate. After all, he grew up with loving, teaching parents, and brothers who cared deeply for him. This coupled with his small town Midwest upbringing and the values shaped by it, may have even given him an unfair advantage in life.
This narrative traces his life from the early days of 1918, to college, then World War II, and his successful marriage. Six children and fifteen grandchildren later, the legacy of his life and impact on those around him can still be felt today. Hopefully, this book will be an inspiration to the next generation in dealing with the challenges of life.
The stories attempt to connect the beliefs and values from a wonderful man, while providing insight into great parenting. It’s funny that you go through life thinking you have a grasp on your parents and their sense of right and wrong. In the end, it just may be the other way around.

My Dad: A Fathers Legacy

  • library edition hardback with dust jacket
  • Published in 2005
  • 5.25"x8"
  • 202 pages
  • ISBN 1-932252-64-9
  • Initial run of 100 copies published in 2005

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