the Short-Run Publishing and
Family History Publishing Specialists

Michael sought us out with a manuscript and a dream. We forged his raw materials into an attention-getting masterpiece. We individualized each chapter with custom iconography and hand-set title typography. Our vibrant cover causes the book to stand out in a crowd.
Several weeks after receiving his books, our author exclaimed, “I'm still drooling!”
In addition to publishing his book, Creative Continuum designed and produced a 33"x80" trade show banner.

Step Man—You Respect You

  • library edition hardback with dust jacket
  • Published in 2004
  • 8.25"x8.25"
  • 233 pages
  • ISBN 1-932252-33-9
  • Initial run of 1000 copies published in 2004

Services provided by Creative Continuum
  • Full-color dust jacket design from Creative-supplied artwork
  • Compelling design and typography and iconography
  • Gold-stamped and embossed dust jacket
  • Gold-stamped casemade cover