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You’ve been called to be in charge of FHE in your Young Single Adult ward or branch... What do you do now?
In There’s No Place Like Home...Evening!, author Janna McFerson provides a fun and interactive FHE Planning Guide for Young Single Adults:
  • how to take office as a newly called Chairperson
  • how to manage a committee
  • how to develop creative, spiritual, and worthwhile activities and more...
This book contains 52 activity ideas — one for every week of the year — along with resources, and insight into serving as an FHE leader.

When you sit down with There’s No Place Like Home...Evening! you’ll feel less like you’re reading a church manual and more like you’re sitting down to frozen yogurt with a level-headed and experienced friend.
Julia Shumway
Mormon Times

There’s No Place Like Home... Evening

  • paperback with accompanying CD
  • Published in 2011
  • 6"x9"
  • 200 pages
  • ISBN 978-0-9844332-1-6
  • Initial run of 600 copies published in June, 2010
  • Second run of 500 copies published in April, 2011

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