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A surprise father's day gift

The author's daughter had heard me speak two years ago and that talk inspired her to organize her father's interview from several years prior. The catch: we had just a couple of weeks to bring the project together and meet the Father's Day deadline.
With a concerted effort from both client and publisher, we not only brought the material together, but we also expanded the photographs beyond what our client originally provided for the book.
The day following the big presentation I found the following email in my inbox:
"My family LOVED the books about my Dad's war experiences. My parents are both thrilled and touched to have this. My siblings love it as well. Thank you so much for your vision in making it possible. It is one of the best, most rewarding projects I've done in my life."

World War II Experiences

  • paperback
  • Published in 2010
  • 6"x9"
  • 50 pages
  • Initial run of 24 copies published in 2010

Services provided by Creative Continuum
  • Full-color short-run printing
  • Compelling design and typography
  • Printing and bindery services
  • Document and photo scanning
  • Cover design