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Celebrating 30 years of Sluder family reunions

In 1978, Joe B. Sluder had the idea to have a gathering of the Sluder family, not just one particular family, but people from the many different Sluder families in the Leicester and Buncombe County area of Western North Carolina. He elicited the help of his sister, Margaret Sluder Ponder, knowing she had a special interest in genealogy and had researched some of the Sluder history. Thus the Annual Sluder Reunion was born and has continued now for 30 years.
This book is a compilation of each of the meetings, including the minutes and photographs taken each year. Of special interest are the many stories that have been told and written about several of our ancestors. Featured in 2002, is a special display of those who have served in the Military through the years. It is my hope that, as you leaf through the pages, at least a small portion of the book will speak to you in a special way. Here you will learn of many Sluder families who have been tied together with a common thread of God, Country, Family, and Fellowman.
May we ever be thankful for our great heritage and may we preserve it for the future generations.
This book is a 144-page 12"x9" full-color hardback sewn book with a gloss-laminated full-color cover with an imitation leather spine with gold stamping.

The Sluder Reunion

  • library edition hardback with a printed cover
  • Published in 2008
  • 12"x9"
  • 300 copies published
  • 144 pages 


    The panoramic spreads below are 24" wide.