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A Tribute to His Dad’s First Car

“I am sure there are a lot of great men in the world,” says John Schaefer. “And ideally every son should have on his list of great guys, his Dad.”
John’s dad was born in 1935 and he can only construct what kind of kid he was from the tidbits he collected over the years. However, John knew for sure that his dad loved cars and motorcycles.
And he still does.
His very first car was a 1940 Pontiac two-door coupe that he bought back in the 1950s when he was a teenager. John is sure it was special to him because years later, in the 1980s, his dad found another 1940 coupe and bought it. Over the next twenty years John’s dad tinkered with the car.
In 2004, after his dad moved out of state, he decided it was time to get rid of the car and move onto something else.
John took possession of the car and restored it to the beauty you find on this book’s pages.
This book is a 26-page 9"x11" full-color hardback sewn book with a gloss-laminated full-color cover with a cloth spine spine that matches the car’s leather seats.

Dad’s Ride

  • library edition hardback with a printed cover
  • Published in 2006
  • 9"x11"
  • 5 copies published
  • 26 pages 


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