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Self-publishing is one of the book publishing industry’s fastest growing segments. Unlike using traditional publishing companies or print on demand printers, self-publishing your short run book with Creative Continuum keeps you—the author—in control of the entire publishing process.
Creative Continuum is a full-service design and publishing house that differs from most short-run book designers. From editing, scanning and design to delivering beautifully-printed and bound finished books, we handle and manage the entire process for you. After we design your book, we never leave you to find a printer or bindery.
Scott visited our website and browsed our portfolio. He liked what he saw and emailed us to get publishing guidelines for his book that he was designing in his word processor. After a few months we received an excited email announcement that he had uploaded his ready-to-print PDF.
Once we had the inside ready to print, there was only one piece his book now lacked—the cover. We stepped up to the plate to provide the book cover design—and stayed within budget! After skimming through Scott’s book, our publisher, Tom, created a synthetic background in Photoshop with an appearance of hewn stone. Scott and Tom traded a couple of rounds of emails and...

Today, the two of us created a book cover, that I not only love, but is the covering of many family memories that will be passed on for many years after I’m long gone. I’m touched by your creation.

Scott Nightengale
March 2012

A family owned and operated business that’s been around for more than 21 years, Creative Continuum specializes in short run books, family history book publishing, calendars and other publications, typically printing and binding fewer than 500 books. You’ll find the Creative Continuum website filled with answers to your questions about publishing your family history and other short run books, calendars and publications.
From the creative content and award-winning design to limited marketing and directed distribution services, we keep you in control... while providing industry-leading customer service and support.
Creative Continuum provides the following book publishing services:
Creative Continuum has the answers to your publishing questions.
Preserve your ancestor’s journals to share with future generations. Combine the journal with other oral and written history to create a professional book that will become a family heirloom to enrich generations to come.
Genealogy and family history are the fastest-growing and most widely enjoyed hobbies in the world. Creative Continuum specializes in printing high-quality custom family history books, journals, family tradition cookbooks and family reunion memories and scrapbooks.
Our staff of professional family history publishers specialize in genealogy and family history development and publication of your family’s genealogy and family history. Whether you have spent years accumulating your genealogy and family history information, or you are just beginning to explore your family history, we can provide you with the professional assistance which you will need to insure that your family history is professionally preserved, published and passed to future generations.
Invite our staff of professional Family History Publishers to assist you with publishing your genealogy and family history. No better record of your family history exists than a complete narrative and documentation of your family heritage and traditions from earliest recorded times.
Actual publication costs vary considerably according to the size and options of a particular family history. Please contact us for more information and personal consultation about developing and publishing your genealogy and family history.
Everyone’s got a book in them. We help you get yours into print.

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Oral History Bundle

Oral History Bundle by various authors
This bundle contains more than $80 worth of books and tools that everyone interested in interviewing or oral history needs to obtain and organize more in-depth and expansive interviews.
This bundle will save you money and transform your interviews into exciting stories!

Price of individual books: $90.00
Bundle price: $55.00