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Publishing Your Family History

Our staff understands the special requirements genealogists have. As award-winning family history publishers, Creative Continuum specialize in helping you organize your genealogy and family history, developing your data into a publication-ready format to publish an heirloom family history book of your family’s genealogy and family history. Whether you have spent a lifetime accumulating your genealogy and family history information or you are just beginning to explore your family history, Creative Continuum is your source for professional assistance which you will need to insure that your family history is professionally published.
Our staff of family history publishers will assist you with organizing and publishing your genealogy and family history. A family history book creates a prized heirloom that shares with your future generations the family stories and traditions you experienced in your youth.
To assist you in professionally developing and publishing your family history, our family history publishers provide the following publication features:
Actual publication costs vary considerably according to the number of pages, amount of color, number of books and book size of a your family history. Please contact us for more information and a personal consultation about developing and publishing your genealogy, family history or other book.

Hemet Family History Fair 2009 Syllabus is a 120-page, 8.5"x11" book with paperback binding published in 2009.

Genealogy, the Internet and You is a 57-page, 5.5"x8.5" book with paperback with data CD binding published in 2003.

My Life as I Remember It is a 716-page, 8.5"x11" book with library edition hardback with a printed cover binding published in 2008.

Monterey’s Finest Policewomen is a 177-page, 6"x9" book with paperback binding published in 2004.