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What Clients Say About Our Books

Our credibility as a premiere publisher rests on what our clients say.

With a portfolio spanning more than forty years, JoAnn Cowans is an established painter working with oil on canvas, water color and pastels. Regarding her fine art book, Black Gold, she says:

Doing my book with you was one of the best experiences of my life. The time when I published my book was a very difficult time for me personally. I don’t know if I would have survived without your support, creativity, passion for publishing and resulting friendship.

JoAnn’s art consultant, a previous vice president at Christie’s Auction House, said that she had never seen a fine art book like JoAnn’s. Rather than publish to a style, we design and publish to maximize the experience her book delivers.

While the greater percentage of our clients are familiar with writing and word processing, it’s a minority who have published before. Because of this, we work hard to make you look good!

Wow, you do great work! You don’t know how much I appreciate you unselfish attention. This is the first time I ever took on a project like this and you are helping me look good. You are so very good at what you do: your book cover design is very much appreciated. I don’t think I’d get this kind of one-on-one help with any other publisher. I’m very happy with what you came up with.

Scott Nightengale
March 2012

Gail Ireland called us one day with some questions regarding re-publishing her book on meditation. With a complete makeover came a top-to-bottom editing and full redesign. A week after delivering her books, she sent us a card with the following inside:

Thank you so very much for all the work you did to make my book look so good! Furthermore, you made my deadline, too. You have my gratitude, my prayers and my referrals!

Mary Russell, author of Butchers & Merchants sent us an email shortly after we delivered her book:

I have mailed out 75 signed copies of Butchers & Merchants this week! 24 were mailed to Ireland. That used 4 complete boxes of books and leaves me 4 boxes for future orders.

So far I have heard from 6 recipients who have sent lavish praise on the beautiful appearance of the book with its pictures and charts. One cousin in Texas called the book a work of art!

I am very pleased with the finished copy of my book, its design, and the placement of so many pictures. It seems that the first thing readers do is look for their ancestor in the pullout charts! I have been reading and enjoying my story without having to proof read it. So far I have found no glaring errors, just two small ones.

Thanks again for the special delivery on Leap Day.

Your work on my family history book was phenomenal. You understood my vision from the start. Without fail, your suggestions and ideas for layout and design were excellent. On page after page, the book pops, without losing a sense of total design and theme. It brings my family’s history alive. Flipping through it, the book unfolds like a movie. People have been floored by the quality of the whole project. The reviews are ecstatic. It brings me tremendous joy to know that I’ve been able to give my family not just a historical resource but a genuine heirloom. It really is much more than a book.

Pulling together the book was a lonely, late-night enterprise for 10 years until I engaged your services—at which point I felt like I had an all-in collaborator, as heavily invested as I was in making this book the best it could be. You made the process downright fun. I can’t wait to work with you again on another book. I recommend you to anyone looking to publish, without reservation. Thank you for everything.

Guerino Calemine
March, 2013

Blanche Carter contacted us in mid-1999 about our ‘printing and binding’ services. She deemed her book ready-to-print in its original WordPerfect format. As a first-time author, Blanche sums up her experience working with Creative Continuum on Tibbet’s Talk:

Thank you for taking the time to bring my book to life. With all the care, expertise and attention you spent on my project, I felt like I was your only client.

You created a silk purse out of a sow’s ear. I love the format!

Joni Nicol, coauthor of Bohen-Ensminger Family Heritage relates how many people her book has touched:

I received so many calls from family over the holidays (as did my aunt)... all just raving over the book. Also, I have sent copies to Messiah College (where our family has an endowment in honor of my grandparents) and two other family Brethren in Christ churches for their archives and libraries. They have also been thrilled to receive it. It will always be a treasure for our family. Thanks again so much for getting this out prior to the holidays.

Rodney Williams, innkeeper and author of the Memorable Mornings at the Strawberry Creek Inn cookbook, related this story with our publisher:

My mom received one of the first copies of my cookbook. Since that day, she seems to be on a quest to buy me cookbooks. Not long ago she told me that no matter where she looks or how much she might spend, she hasn’t been able to find a nicer cookbook than the one Creative Continuum published.

As a testament of his father’s legacy, Chris Funk compiled and organized Born to Fly. He reported back to us via email about the book’s reception:

I’ve been receiving calls and e-mails from family and friends about my father’s memoir, and the verdict is unanimous: You and your crew at Creative Continuum did a fabulous job! Just as I had remarked, many commented on the very original, effective placement of photos, especially those that blended beautifully into the text.

My sister Judy and I appreciate greatly your extra touches that made Dad’s story special....We’ll certainly sing your praises to all who are considering publishing a cherished work.

Chris Funk
February 2012

Scott visited our website and browsed our portfolio. He liked what he saw and emailed us to get publishing guidelines for his book that he was designing in his word processor. After a few months we received an excited email announcement that he had uploaded his ready-to-print PDF.
Once we had the inside ready to print, there was only one piece his book now lacked—the cover. We stepped up to the plate to provide the book cover design—and stayed within budget! After skimming through Scott’s book, our publisher, Tom, created a synthetic background in Photoshop with an appearance of hewn stone. Scott and Tom traded a couple of rounds of emails and...

Today, the two of us created a book cover, that I not only love, but is the covering of many family memories that will be passed on for many years after I’m long gone. I’m touched by your creation.

Scott Nightengale
March 2012

Bells Rest in Peace is a 64-page, 9"x9" book with library edition hardback binding published in 2010.

The Adventures of James: A Trip to the Oncologist is a 42-page, 5.5"x4.75" book with paperback binding published in 2006.

Youth in Family History is a 88-page, 5.5"x8.5" book with paperback binding published in 2005.

Niles and Alma Carr is a 160-page, 8"x10" book with library edition hardback binding published in 2007.

Yesterdays Forever is a 296-page, 6"x9" book with library edition hardback binding published in 2011.