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What about Print on Demand? (PoD)

Print on Demand (PoD) book publishers are a relatively new adaptation of the short-run publishing technologies that Creative Continuum utilizes to produce our quality short-run books.
However, there are quite a few differences between Creative Continuum’s short-run publishing and Print on Demand publishing.
  1. Any company that will publish your book for a small amount of money, regardless of your book’s length and size, isn’t doing much for that money! Print on Demand publishers typically give you a choice of standard templates and offer very little custom design and little-to-no thought (or individualized care) for your publishing project. To them, it’s just another job to push through the machine as quickly as possible.
    In today’s world, as we all know, time equals money and you always get what you pay for.
    All of Creative Continuum’s books are completely custom publishing projects. We take the time to understand what you want and then produce a book that people will treasure for generations. We have no standard templates that we force your book into.
  2. Print on Demand book publishers often force your book into one of their standard book sizes. Most produce books sized to 5.5"x8.5"... with no exceptions. When these Print on Demand publishers produce thin hardback books, they cannot have print on the spine. Very few Print on Demand book publishers can produce a book with an integrated graphical hardback case-made cover.
    Creative Continuum does not require a “standard size” book. Since we custom-design each book, your book dictates what we do... not the other way around! Creative Continuum produces books that are unique and stand out.
    You want to publish a coffee table hardback book that is 9.5"x14"? No problem! How about a book that is 8"x8" square with a casemade cover and a bookmark ribbon? We can do!
    Each of our books is a work of art... not just another job to rush through with as little thought and input as possible.
  3. Since Print on Demand publishers only produce books as they receive orders for them, they cannot produce a quality sewn hardback book. Print on Demand publishers typically only create trade hardback books. These books are essentially paperback books stuck inside a hard cover. The glued bindings wear out and the books can fall apart with repeated use. Because trade hardback production utilizes the same equipment a paperback book requires, all their books must conform to one or two set sizes.
    Creative Continuum produce completely custom, library edition oversewn or smythsewn hardback books that will last for generations. Our paperback books can be almost any size. Since all of our book publishing projects are custom projects, we can accommodate different sizes, color interior pages, bookmarks or fold-out pages.
  4. Print on Demand publishers will usually offer to sell your book through their on-line store. Before you let this bullet point close the publishing deal, ask your friends if they’ve ever heard of this Print on Demand publisher. Have they ever visited their website? Have they purchased books from your prospective Print on Demand publisher? Probably not. You probably found them while searching for a Print on Demand publisher, not an online book store.
    If your book-buying friends have never visited their bookstore, chances are most of the buying public hasn’t either. When your friends ask where they can buy your book, you’ll send them to the Print on Demand publisher’s website to buy it. Print on Demand publishers rely on their book authors to drive people to their bookstores to buy books... and make them money.
    Take a close look at Print on Demand publisher’s royalty schedules. They often offer up to a 40% royalty for paperback books sold through their website... but only a 15% royalty for paperbacks sold anywhere else. They pay even less for hardbacks.
    Creative Continuum typically doesn’t pay royalties... because you already own the books! We list your book with Books in Print which many e-tailers will pick up. What about They’ve grown to be a large consignment house with annual fees and a 55% commission on every sale. If you decide to go that route, we can provide the information to register your titles with
    From business cards and brochures to posters and press releases, Creative Continuum can provide the tools you need to successfully market your book. For any books we do fulfill, we charge a basic 20% of the sale price plus a small handling charge. You can make more from your book sales with Creative Continuum.
  5. Everything Print on Demand publishers produce is built from templates. You have very little ability to ask for customization. You might get to choose the type style and an initial drop cap, but not much else. Some Print on Demand publishers allow you to add photos or graphics inside your book, but they almost always force you into deciding whether to print your entire book in either black and white or color (often with a higher printing price for color printing).
    Creative Continuum is different. While there are always some similarities between your book and others we have published, your book will be unique and a completely custom work. Want to mix color and black and white? No problem! When we print your book, you only pay for color on the pages you use it.
  6. Print on Demand publishers publish your work on an “as is” basis and leave everything up to you. If they happen to catch something that’s wrong, they might correct it.
    Creative Continuum can handle the entire publishing process for you:
    • Interviewing
    • Transcribing, typing, editing
    • Ghost writing
    • Layout and text design
    • Scanning and digital photo restoration
    • Copyright registration
    • ISBN
    • Library of Congress numbers
    • Cataloging in Publication
    • Exciting cover design
    • Custom paperback or hard cover binding
    • Limited editions
    • Multilingual publishing
    If your book is in your head, typewritten or on your computer, we can deliver your message in print. It is easy to do and we are there every step of the way.
  7. Print on Demand publishers cut corners by creating a PDF for you to proof on your monitor. Even if you choose to print the proof (remember to factor paper and your expensive inkjet ink into the cost of your book), there is no way to review the quality of the photos — including sharpness, color balance and file resolution — the book’s page size or the nuances of the type when you print your proof with your printer.
    We’ve known too many people — our own Publisher included! — who have missed too many typos on screen. Because of this, we produce a printed proof for your final review. While the final approval is yours, Creative Continuum give you the tools to do it right.
  8. Print on Demand publishers base their company premise on creating a large number of books with a minimal amount of thought and labor at a minimal cost. Very few of the people actually creating Print on Demand books have 15+ years of design and publishing experience. Few Print on Demand publishing companies have editors on staff.
    While Print on Demand publishers churn out great numbers of books each year, we hand-craft just a few for our select clients. Our clients really appreciate the amount of care and attention to detail we apply to each book.

One Thornberg Family at the Millenium is a 106-page, 8.325"10.825" book with library edition hardback binding published in 2007.

The Lodge and Quinn Families is a 196-page, 8.5"x11" book with library edition hardback binding published in 2005.

My Dad: A Fathers Legacy is a 202-page, 5.25"x8" book with library edition hardback with dust jacket binding published in 2005.

Frogdog is a 44-page, 8"x10" book with paperback binding published in 2011.

Ralphs Song is a 94-page, 6.5"x9.5" book with paperback binding published in 2011.

From Tingewick to Tioga is a 200-page, 8.5"x11" book with library edition hardback binding published in 2005.

Bringing Our History to Life is a 160-page, 8.5"x8.5" book with library edition hardback with printed cover binding published in 2011.

The Adventures of James: A Trip to the Oncologist is a 42-page, 5.5"x4.75" book with paperback binding published in 2006.

Strawberry Creek Inn Cookbook is a 84-page, 11"x11" book with library edition hardback binding published in 2011.

Ele is a 108-page, 6"x9" book with library edition hardback binding published in 2010.

Our Disney Adventures is a 124-page, 8.5"x11" book with library edition hardback binding published in 2010.

A History of Heber Bowman Hawkes and Emma Celestia Anderson is a 306-page, 7.75x10 book with library edition hardback with a color printed cover binding published in 2006.

The Story of the Sweetest Angel is a 28-page, 8"x10" book with paperback binding published in 2011.